Zen Garden

Zen Garden

  • Almond oil

    Jojoba oil


    Blue Lotus flower 

    Organic Damiana 

    Organic Rosemary

    Hibiscus flower

    Orange essential oil

    Grapefruit essential oil

    Sage essential oil

    Patchouli essential oil

    Ylang Ylang essential oil (Cananga odorata)



    This is a powerful 10ml blend that supports your intention to balance your nervous system while assisting with grounding and alignment. Inspires deep insight, peace, protection, clarity and sensuality. The roller on the top of the bottle is made of crystal. Intuited and a surprise of Amethyst, Sodalite or Aventurine. You can choose what crystals you want inside your blend at checkout. I created this blend with love and intention, charged with reiki energy in the healing vortex of Sedona, Arizona.