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Birth Chart Sun Catcher

Birth Chart Sun Catcher

  • I have combined two of my greatest passions, Art and Astrology and invented the Birth Chart Sun Catcher! 


    With analyzation of your Birth Chart, I will coordinate colors, crystals, and intentional prayers into a one-strand Sun-Catcher that are fitting to your unique star map. I will need your full BirthdayLocation of birth and Time of Birth (time of birth is optional although will add a layer of dimension)


    When you are checking out there will be an Add A Note section that you can apply your information 🪐✨ 


    All Birth Chart Sun-Catchers come with a personalized message about your Birth Charts energetics and anything that catches my eye. I will also include the stones I choose to create with. 


    All Crystal Sun-Catchers are intuitively made with love, intention, and prayer. These Sun-Catchers are charged with high frequency energy at the vortex of Sedona, Arizona  🌈✨


    Length options are 12, 16 and 20 inch


    If you are interested further analyzation of your birth chart, I would be honored to work with you. If this is something you feel called to explore you can book a reading with me here.  💜🕯


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