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Amanda is an intuitive astrologer, reiki master, herbalist and oracle of the unseen realms. She has been teaching, studying and healing in the self-development world for almost a decade. 

Amanda believes that astrology is a language of the soul and that our individual birth charts are unique blueprints of what we came here to experience, learn and embody.

"I see astrology as an ancient tool that can be utilized for self-discovery and self-empowerment while accessing clarity around the deepest gifts of your soul."

Amanda also believes that astrology can be a potent lens for understanding your past lives and the karmic patterning you have brought through in this incarnation that hold you back from your greatest potential and authentic essence. 

"What an extraordinary time to be curious of who you are. To align with the true essence of your soul. 
This world desires you in your power! You are here to remember. I am honored to walk alongside you."

~ Amanda